Covid Guidelines

We appreciate it is too early for some and there are legitimate concerns. However, under the proper guidance and with the relevant protocols in place, there are a number of players keen to play.


We are currently hosting Thursday and Friday evenings at Chelsea Waterside Park. The Leagues have moved from our usual 6-a-side/two fields at this location to 7-a-side/one field to limit the number of attendees and manage the flow of people.


Players can use credits from the Spring 2020 season. Credits can also be used in any future NY Coed season.


A reminder, though, that there is also a refund option and this has been open since March 2020. It will always be available and there is no time limit to this offer.


Below are a few pointers with regards to the Winter season, including modifications to game play. Circumstances and requirements may change and we will update accordingly, including emails to registered players.


These are new times for everyone. Please assist our field staff by listening to directions and being aware of what is expected.


Complimentary masks, gloves and hand sanitizer is available at field. For example, you may want to use the sanitizer upon arrival, at half-time and at full-time.


Masks are optional when playing. However, please wear them at all other times when at the field and be conscious of social distance etiquette.


If you are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms or living with someone experiencing symptoms, please do not attend.


ARRIVAL: Chelsea Waterside Park has two entry/exit points, on the south-west and on the north-west. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to kick-off – and be ready to play.


NY Coed staff will have the team rosters. Only those listed will be allowed enter CWP. Please ensure your teammates are registered.


If a player is subbing on any given week, the League must be advised in advance and the player is required to submit a player profile.


We're not being difficult. We need to be aware of who is present and have their contact details – these are City guidelines.


Upon entry, a non-contact thermometer will be used to gauge an individual’s temperature.


The NY Coed reps will direct you to the area of the park to prepare for your game.


GAME MODIFICATIONS: Kick-ins will replace throw-ins. The ball has to remain under a height of two feet (or thereabouts) - we don’t want the ball being launched from one end of the field to the other. If the ball goes over the designated height, the kick-in will revert to the opposition.


In an effort to lessen physical contact, there is no ‘tackling’. By this, we mean using your shoulder and body when trying to dispossess the opposition. Shadow your opponent, try to nick the ball away with your foot, force the opponent to make an error... but don't barge in.


We appreciate the no 'tackling' may be a little tricky at first and the referee will use their discretion at calling decisions. Ultimately, though, it's a way to have time on the ball and enjoy your soccer.


POST-GAME: We ask that you leave promptly once your game is finished and remain distanced from incoming players.


Please ensure the proper disposal of face coverings and PPE, along with trash and recyclables.